Connecting with Baby During Pregnancy
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One of the best "pregnancy class" investments you can make!
In a study* where over 4,350 pregnant women used Prenatal Bonding techniques throughout their pregnancy, these women:
  • experienced less anxiety and pain during labor
  • less effort giving birth and fewer complications
  • decreased need for obstetrical interventions and c-sections
  • a low degree of birth trauma ​
  • "excessive infant crying is unknown after Prenatal Bonding"
  • babies slept longer and deeper at night with few awakenings
  • Postpartum depression was less than 1% in the Prenatal Bonding mothers
  • Babies were easy to communicate with, showed curiosity and emotional stability
You can learn these techniques TODAY!
Just a few minutes each day 
will help strengthen your Mother-Child bond getting you ready for birth
with Dr. Jay Warren
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Your Baby is Listening & Learning from You in Your Womb.
Your Baby Wants to Connect with You Right Now!
Calmer, Healthier Pregnancy
Your baby is marinading in your womb right now. Don't you want your baby to grow & develop inside you when you're more calm and relaxed?

These "Connecting with Baby" processes will help you to create that peaceful environment for you and Baby.
Safer Birth that is Gentler on You and Baby
After 9 months of pregnancy, now comes the big day - the day when you birth your baby into the world and you get to finally hold them in your arms!

Studies show the more calm and confident a woman is when she goes into labor, the quicker and easier the birth is for her (and for Baby).
Easier Transition into Motherhood
Once your baby arrives in the world, these methods of strengthening your Mother-Baby bond will allow you to soothe your baby better.

This means better sleep for Baby (and you!), better feeding & digestion and more of the fun, interactive play time together you've been dreaming of.
Hi Mom!

   If you’re like most of the new moms I work with, you’re nervous about those first few days and weeks when you bring Baby home.

   "How do I know what to do?"

   "What if my baby is one of those that cries & fusses all the time?"

   "What if I can’t figure out how soothe my baby?"

   The truth is, you’ll never know everything there is to know on Day 1. Not because you haven’t read enough books or taken the right classes. But because it takes time for you and your baby to get to know each other.

   But research shows that there are methods that you can do right NOW, during your pregnancy, that can help you feel calmer and more confident with your baby and for your baby to feel more relaxed and soothed by you. Then Day 1 is going to be that much easier for you both.

   I want that for you and your baby right from the start of your lives together and I'd love to teach you how.

Be Well,
Dr. Jay Warren

Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractor
"Healthy Births, Happy Babies" podcast host
Dr. Jay Warren has interviewed more than 79 experts on his podcast.

Now he is going to share with you what these masters in healthy pregnancy, natural childbirth, epigenetics, pre and perinatal psychology and early childhood development say are the most important things you can do for your baby!
Dr. Bruce Lipton
"The Biology of Belief"
Dr. Harvey Karp
"Happiest Baby on the Block"
Anna Verwaal
"From Womb to World"
Penny Simkin
"The Birth Partner"
Dr. Michel Odent
"Childbirth and the Evolution of Homo Sapiens"
Dr. Sarah Buckley
"Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering"
This 7 module course includes: 
  • 3 hours of videos explaining the methods you will do & the scientific research behind them 
  • Step-by-step instructions guiding you in the daily processes 
  • 1 hour of Guided Visualizations for you to download & listen to on whatever device you choose (mp3 files)
  • Extensive Resource Lists to support you in your pregnancy & parenthood
How to Best To Use this Course

Begin with a comprehensive overview of the course includinga summary of each modules and what they cover, explanation of how to use the Guided Visualizations and how often and a guide on how to download the mp3's and PDF's if you're not familiar.

Why You Want to Connect

The scientific research in pre- and perinatal psychology that shows that bonding with your baby during pregnancy may help: you to have a calmer & less stressed pregnancy and an easier labor & delivery. 

It has also been shown to help Baby to be more calm & relaxed as an infant and for you to be better able to soothe your baby.

Why Your Baby Wants to Connect

Overview of the week-to-week Embryological development of your baby and when these "windows to connect" open up. 

When the 5 senses are turned on and functioning (in the 2nd trimester), your baby is feeling, tasting, seeing, even smelling and especially LISTENING to you!

How You Can Connect to Baby

By the 2nd trimester, your baby's 5 senses are fully functioning which means Baby is feeling your touches and hearing your voice.

After covering the scientific studies that prove Baby is listening to you, learning from you and even forming memories while in the womb, explanations of how you can connect to your baby during pregnancy will be explored.

Welcome & Wanted

1st Guided Visualization session (mp3 download): 

If you were to communicate ONLY ONE message to your baby while they are preparing to come into the world, it would be this:

"You are Welcomed & Wanted!"

Video explanation and the mp3 track are your tools to start connecting with your baby.

Sharing Information with Your Baby

2nd Guided Visualization session (mp3 download): 

After a short guided relaxation and the bonding time has been created, now is the time to SHARE information about yourself, your partner, your family and your world so that Baby is familiar with it when they arrive on birth day.

The "40 Ways to Connect with Baby During Pregnancy" PDF eBook will be your guide during this fun and exciting process where your baby gets to know you.

Listening to Your Baby

3rd Guided Visualization session (mp3 download): 

After sharing all of the information in "The 40 Ways" guide, now is the time for you to listen to your baby.

All good communication is a two-way street and this guided visualization process creates a space for Baby to communicate messages to you - telling you to START doing something your not doing or to STOP doing something you are doing so that you may both be happier & healthier together.

What's Next...?

What's Next is...PARENTHOOD!

When Baby arrives, those first few days, weeks and months can be overwhelming with all that you need to learn. 

But here is some help for you.

This section will cover dozens of recommended books, podcast episodes, videos and other resources about newborn care, postpartum recovery and help with the transition to parenthood.

BONUS Module
$49 value for free!
For the Dads

Baby Bonding for Dads too!

A new generation of Dads are here that are more involved in parenting infants and young children than in any other time in history. However, many men don't feel they know how to connect and bond with a small baby. 

Simple, yet effective ways for Dad to Connect to Baby are covered which will also be fun and bonding for you as a couple preparing for the birth.

BONUS Module
$29 value for free!
Healing from Within

Dr. Jay's Healing from Within guided visualization program created based on his study of guided imagery, psychoneuroimmunology and energy medicine.

3 separate mp3 downloads guide you through powerful healing processes that stimulate the mind to heal the body.

  • Wellness Body Scan
  • Immune Booster
  • Release & Let Go (for pain relief)
All of this for $149 $47!
Begin Your Prenatal Mother-Baby Bonding Experience NOW!
One of the best "pregnancy class" investments you can make!
Dr. Bruce Lipton

“Your children’s genes reflect only their potential, not their destiny. It is up to you to provide the environment that allows them to develop to their highest potential.”

from The Biology of Belief

Dr. Thomas Verny

“In fact, the great weight of the scientific evidence that has emerged over the last decade demands that we reevaluate the mental and emotional abilities of unborn children. Awake or asleep, the studies show, they (unborn children) are constantly tuned in to their mother’s every action, thought, and feeling. From the moment of conception, the experience in the womb shapes the brain and lays the groundwork for personality, emotional temperament, and the power of higher thought.”

from Pre-Parenting: Nurturing Your Child from Conception 

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